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Ring Silk
Brooch Marina
Earrings Spiral
Ring Spiral
Ring Spiral
Earrings Spiral
Earrings Spiral
Ring Spiral
Ring Spiral
Ring Pret-a-Porter
Earrings Pret-a-Porter
Ring Heartbeat
Ring Heartbeat
Earrings Spiral
Ring Coral Reef
Cufflinks Marina
Earrings Chameleon
Earrings Chameleon
Earrings Heartbeat
Ring Electra
Earrings Electra
Ring High Jewellery
Earrings High Jewellery
Earrings Heartbeat
Earrings Marina
Ring Oasis
Ring Fall
Earrings Marina
Ring "The World"
Earrings Caramel
Ring Caramel
Earrings Electra
Ring Electra
Earrings New Classic
Ring New Classic
Ring "The World"
Ring Oasis
Ring Marina
Ring North Flower
Ring Sapphire Heart
Ring Electra
Ring Men's collection
Ring Bubbles
Earrings Fall
Earrings Fall
Pendant Fall
Ring Fall


Mousson Atelier catalog of gold jewelry includes exquisite pieces that are adorned with precious stones. Rings, earrings, brooches, pendants, necklaces and cufflinks are made from 18-carat yellow, white, pink and black gold with precious stones of various forms, colors, sizes and cuts. Every creation is an embodiment of perfection. The secret of our production excellence lies in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies of the jewelry industry and the meticulous craft and handwork of our specialists.

Mousson Atelier offers high-end jewelry with gemstones that is available for wholesale and retail orders. Customers are encouraged to choose pieces from our existing collections or request unique jewelry based on their own designs.


All gold jewelry that is created by Mousson Atelier invariably stands for the quality of the highest standard. Our customers are affluent people who desire to acquire and invest in something original, exquisite, unique. At Mousson Atelier they can find stylish accessories, splendid jewelry and exclusive pieces to suit even the most refined taste.

A jewelry showcase with Mousson Atelier jewelry will positively command the attention of clients in your store, who will be unlikely to leave without a purchase. Sophisticated creations with unique designs will attract the customers of middle to upper class income. We provide our partners with all the necessary means to display Mousson Atelier jewelry: promotional materials, exclusive packaging and personnel training.

Every jewelry piece, meticulously designed and honed by our jewelry makers, will become a wonderful present and an invaluable acquisition. Sumptuous gold jewelry will always delight, enchant and inspire its owner. We do our best to help our customers to find “their” jewelry.